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More an FYI, I deleted my LJ (and all the communities that I owned) today. Yes, I was in fact still reading over there. Crazy, I know. But I just can't leave that hanging out there with the Russian overlords. All of my comments on why I was deleting were 'Fuck Russia'.

So, end of an era. Or not, because I backed up the entire thing to [personal profile] leighblack . I was reading through some old posts last nice and I totally missed so many people. It's hard to believe I used to drive out to Chicago like twice a month. Now I just sit on my sofa and make things with yarn. Am old.
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I made this awesomely adorable Winter Soldier amigurumi. My very first doll! His hair is too long but I don't care because my Bucky has beautiful long flowing locks.

More pics after the cut... )
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 Try not to get strep throat as an adult. It's taking forever to get over it and it sucks. =/
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I'm so not into making New Year's Resolutions. But H and I talked about setting some simple goals for 2017 while we were at dinner, and one of my Rav groups was also discussing 2017 goals. So I started a rough list in my brain and now I'm writing it here for posterity.

2017 Crafting Goals
  1. Make a sweater
  2. Crochet a pillow
  3. Enter 5 items into the Minnesota State Fair competitions
  4. Knit a scarf or shawl
  5. Crochet something that uses beads
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so why not this?


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