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it's days like these that keep me on my winning streak

it's all a part of me

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Birthdate:Sep 2
Location:St. Paul, Minnesota, United States of America
Book geek. Music nut. Podcast fan. Dog lover. Walker Stalker. Rock Boater. CockyGirl!

Bill Hicks is my American Idol.

"The best kind of comedy to me is when you make people laugh at things they've never laughed at, and also take a light into the darkened corners of people's minds, exposing them to the light." - Bill Hicks

"Never say 'no' to adventures. Always say 'yes' otherwise you'll lead a very dull life" - Ian Fleming

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench. A long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." - Hunter S. Thompson

"Don't let your cool stand in the way of being soulful. Life is too short. Too short to hate. Too short to judge. Too short not to live for. Don't let anything or anyone get the best of you or your heart and mind. If you are going down... go down swinging, singing, and loving." - Butch Walker

Interests (136):

30 rock, 80's hair bands, al franken, arizona bay, avengers academy, barack obama, bill hicks, black widow, blackboard jungle, boondock saints, bucky barnes, butch walker, captain america, captain jack harkness, captain malcom reynolds, chris jericho, chris pine, clerks, cm punk, cobra starship, cockyboys, colby keller, comedy, concerts, crochet, cross-stitch, crossing jordan, desperado, dinosaur comics, dlisted, doctor who, empires, eyeliner, falcon, fall out boy, faster pussycat, firefly, floyd's funk revival, frank turner, funko pops, gareth david-lloyd, gilmore girls, gossip girl, green river ordinance, groot, guardians of the galaxy, hair metal, hawkeye, homicide:life on the streets, ianto jones, illuminating the collective unconscious, iron man, it's just a ride, jager bombs, jake bass, jake jaxson, james buchanan barnes, john barrowman, karl urban, kasey chambers, kevin smith, kids in the hall, killingbird, knitting, levi karter, loki, madonna, marvel cinematic universe, marvelous 3, matt nathanson, mcu, mickey taylor, minneapolis, monty python, motochrist, mst3k, music, mystery science theater 3000, nathan fillion, newlydeads, parks and rec, parks and recreation, paul f tompkins, pearl jam, people who hate people, photography, pinto, pirates of the caribbean, podcasts, poppy z. brite, prince, quentin tarantino, rant in e minor, reading, relentless, rent, reservoir dogs, ricky roman, road trips, rock stars, rocket raccoon, scottish terriers, se7en, sebastian stan, serenity, shark attack 3: megalodon, shaun of the dead, slither, southgang, squeegee your third eye, st. paul, stalking rock stars, star trek, stephen kellogg, steve rogers, steve valentine, stimulator, stucky, sven sundgaard, t-rex, taime downe, tattoos, the city drive, the comedy of hate, the floyds, the hulk, the rock boat, the winter soldier, thor, tiny toon adventures, twin cities, weird al yankovic, wicked, wrestling, xkcd, zachary quinto
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